Kada Refinishing

Our professional range of refinishing products have been designed to have some or all of the following properties. REACH compliant for VOC, 50% + solids, Isocyanate Free, available in all RAL colours and our only solvented  range,  These products have fast cure and return to service times. They are suitable for all types of industries and whatever your problem is, we are sure we can provide a solution.

As these products are for professional use only, please call for pricing or fill out our enquiry form for more information.


The refinishing range.

At Kada we understand your requirement and provide quality products.

A fully certified system to provide enhanced safety in delicate wet areas such as showers and wet room. Available in both bulk and DIYkit form. (Clear and RAL colours). The DIY kit form contains everything a person needs to easily install the system themselves including easy to follow instructions coupled with a link to an online video as well. It is solvent free, with Zero VOC and 100% solids. 

Pro Fill

When it comes to repairs you need the best filler available. A filler that is easy to use, a filler that will fill even fine cracks or chips, a filler that is easy to sand, a filler that facilitates bonding with primers and topcoats, a filler that is flexible, a filler that sets quickly and a filler that when set is white in finish for easy covering. What you need is Kada Pro-Fill which has all these properties and more.

Kada Surface
Pre-Adhesion Wipes

These individually packaged, pre-saturated lint-free cleaning wipes contain 99% pure isopropyl alcohol (also known as IPA, isopropanol or iso-propanol) for all-purpose cleaning and degreasing. The wipe is a high quality, non-abrasive non-woven fabric and ideal for leaving the surface in a pristine condition prior to the adhesion promoter. These wipes can be used safely on all ceramic and gel coat surfaces as well as a multitude of others.

Kada Preparation Products
Step 1

This is the first stage in the preparation of the surface. This product has been specially formulated to remove hard water deposits, soap residues, oils and other visible and non-visible staining and contamination. Not only does this cleaner ensure that these contaminants are removed from all both ceramic and fibreglass/gel coat surfaces, it also provides a physical key on porcelain or ceramic surfaces by creating very tiny micro pores for the bonding primers to permanently “lock” into, giving you peace of mind against delamination. 

Kada Preparation Products
Step 2

Is the second stage in the preparation of the surface. Step 2 is a deep penetrating cleaner, designed to remove any remaining contaminants, surfactants and to leave the surface ph. neutral and ready to accept any of the bonding primers or adhesion promoters.

Adhesion Promoters

Our adhesion promoter products have gone through exhaustive testing by external bodies and formulated based on detailed scientific research. These technologically advanced wipe on adhesion promoters have been specifically designed to not only bond with glass, ceramic and porcelain surfaces, but also to the primer or topcoat to ensure a strong and equally balanced intermediary function.

Refinishing Primer

is our fast-dry white epoxy primer system that has been formulated to deliver a medium build, fast cure time, excellent wet on wet application and has great hydrophobic properties. Designed for difficult substrates, the primer not only produces an incredible bond with a correctly prepared surface, it has also been designed to provide a stable and receptive surface for the topcoat. Easy to apply and use. 

Bio-Care Mainainer

An alcohol-free rapid cleaner disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds. Especially suitable for alcohol-sensitive surfaces and for restoring and maintaining a good slip resistant surface. Bio-Care is ready to use. It should be applied as part of your normal cleaning regime. It can be sprayed on the areas to be cleaned from approx. 20 centimetres and then wiped across the surface with a clean cloth. Contact times for general cleaning approx. 30 seconds. To ensure full disinfection in extremely dirty conditions allow for a contact time of 10 minutes. 


are specially designed templates for use with the  topcoat or primer. Cleverly designed for ease of use and removal, it is a must when applying this feature. Available in our standard format and can be tailored to you or your customers’ requirements in regards of size and pattern. We can even tailor these for customers who wish to have their own brand name or logo used instead.

Refinishing Top Coat

is a high build iso safe next generation of specialist resins and polymers to ensure that you have the best quality that industry can offer: Available in full gloss and with or without anti-microbial properties and available in clear and all RAL colours. Fast dry and return to service times are jus one of its excellent characteristics.

Coloured Tints

TINTS: green oxide: black: white: burnt umber: red oxide: yellow oxide: blue: bright yellow: brown: bright green.

Pro Fill Hardner

This product is designed to be used with Kada Pro Fill.

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