Purell Anti Microbial Wipes Plus (270 wipes)


These anti-microbial wipes are designed for professional use only. These wipes are perfect for all types of medical institutions, care sectores and industry. Alcohol based they have outstanding efficacy against bacteria and yeast and are effective on viruses, with the power to kill most common germs that can make you sick. The wipe size is: 15.2 cm x 17.1 cm, they have a menthol scent and therev are 270 wipes per cannister.




Warning: hese anti-microbial wipes are designed for professional use only.  This is a flammable product and should be kept away from all sources of heat and ignition. The wipes should not be used when dry and if swalled, you should seek immediate medical advice showing hime or her the container. Alternatively, if you are unable to contact any medical professional, please contact your nearest poison centre and show them the container. Harmful to aquatic life.


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